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After the Zuid Afrikaansche Republek passed the mint act in 1891, which led to the minting of the Republics own coinage in 1892. The first coins were minted by the Kaiser mint in Germany, as Paul Kruger had an election bearing down on him, and he thought he stood a better chance of winning by introducing the Republics coinage ahead of the elections.

The ZAR minors consist of the 5 Shilling (Crown), the 2 ½ Shilling (Hald Crown) the 2 Shilling (Florin), the Six Pence (6p) and the Three Pence (Tickey) were all minted in silver, and were based in the British coinage

The lowest denomination ZAR coin, the Penny was minted using copper alloy of copper, tin and zinc.

Paul Kruger sent an image of his bust and the coat of arms of the Republiek, to the Kaiser Mint as all the denominations portray the bust of Paul Kruger on the obverse (front) of the coins. However only the Penny, the Two Shillings, the Two And A Half Shillings and Five Shillings portray the coat of arms of the ZAR Republiek on the reverse.

The Three Pence and the Six Pence do not portray the coat of arms.

As with the Een Ponde and Half Ponde, there are two varieties of the

5 Shillings, which were only minted in 1892, known as the Double Shaft and the Single Shaft 5 Shillings, as the mint had started minting the 5 Shillings using the image of a continental ox wagon, which has two shafts instead of the Boer ox wagon which had a single shaft, on the coat of arms.