One Rand (R1)  The Cultural Gold Coin Series

The first one rand (R1) gold coin to be minted since 1983 is the Heart Transplant R1 gold coin minted in 1997.

The tenth ounce cultural series starting with the San People minted in 1998 followed on. The cultural theme for 1999 is The Zulu Nation, and the Xhoza Nation are featured on the 2000 Cultural series R1 gold coin. The Sotho Nation are depicted on the 2001 coin, while The Tswana Nation are featured on the 2002 gold coin. The Tsonga Nation are seen on the 2003 gold coin, and The Venda Nation on the 2004 R1 gold coin. The Ndebele Nation are depicted on the 2005 coin and the Ema-Swati People in 2006, with the Afrikaaner Nation featured on the 2007 coin.

The final Nation to be depicted in the Cultural R1 gold coin series areThe Bapedi People on the 2008 gold coin.

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