2015 Black Backed Jackal

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½  ounce Jackal Proof

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4 coin Hyena Jackal Set

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The black backed jackal is a small, fox-like animal with a tan coat and a contrasting black 'saddle' across its back.  The black backed Jackal is only found in Africa, and they live in monogamous pairs for life, and together will defend their territory, hunt as a team and share food, and care for their offspring. When separated, they call to each other constantly, and their yelping call is a common sound in the African bush at sunset.

Black backed jackals can be found in a variety of habitats, from open grasslands to even city suburbs. They are mainly nocturnal hunters, but can also be seen out during the day foraging for food.

Their diet is omnivorous, and will consist of anything from small invertebrates such as beetles and grasshoppers, to mice, hares, young antelope, birds, snakes, and berries and fruit