10 Year DemocracyProtea

From 26 April to 28 April South Africa came to a halt as the entire nation flocked to the polling stations to determine their country’s future.On the Tuesday of 10 May 1994 millions of television viewers across the world watched as President Nelson R Mandela took his oath of office at the Union Buildings in Pretoria. The sun rose and set over a country in Africa where the impossible had become a reality. A former political prisoner had become president, while South Africans from opposing political camps together formed the Government of National Unity. The transition to a democratic South Africa is portrayed on this legal tender 1 oz pure gold coin which forms part of the world acclaimed Protea series. A portrait of former President Nelson R Mandela with the Union Buildings in the background is depicted together with the years “1994-2004” and the denomination “R25”. The side view of Statesman Nelson R Mandela looking out of the barred window of his cell at Robben Island completes the design of this coin.

The South African mint minted 5000 X 1 ounce proof 10 year democracy coins.

1000 X 10 year democracy sets were also compiled which consists of the

1 ounce Protea, the tenth ounce Protea as well as a R1 sterling silver coin.

The 1 ounce has got exactly the same characteristics as the normal 1 ounce Protea

The one rand silver depicts national symbols i.e the blue crane, the Springbok,

the Protea and the Galjoen.

The tenth ounce Protea portrays the South African flag and the preamble to the constitution forming the design of the flag. All the coins portray the Protea on the obverse






1 Ounce



3 Coin Velvet Set



Tenth Ounce



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