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50’th Anniversary


50’th Anniversary

Vintage Krugerrand.

The iconic Krugerrand is celebrating its 50th anniversary in 2017. The striking of the first Krugerrand on 3 July 1967 took place with little ceremony. The Krugerrand was a world first, its intention to make gold ownership possible to ‘the man on the street’.

The name ‘Krugerrand’ was derived by combining Paul ‘Kruger’, President of the original Zuid Afrikaanse Republiek, with the ‘rand’, the monetary unit of South Africa. The rand is also linked to the Witwatersrand, a name meaning ‘the ridge of white water’, an important gold-producing area.

The obverse design of the 1 oz gold 50th anniversary vintage Krugerrand features the bust of President Paul Kruger, modelled by die-engraver Otto Schultz and struck from the original die used in 1892 for the historic Kruger half-crown (2 ½ Shilling) coin.

The reverse, featuring the springbok, was designed and engraved by sculptor Coert Steynberg and first used on the 1947 5-shilling coin.

The Vintage Krugerrand bears a 50th anniversary privy mark (mint mark) on the reverse of the coin to commemorate the 50th anniversary of this unique coin series.

This 1967 vintage coin was manufactured using reproduced dies from the original tooling used to manufacture the first Krugerrands in 1967, and the privy mark

‘LT SARB 2017’ was added just below the bust of Paul Kruger to authenticate it as legal tender.

This vintage Krugerrand coin celebrates the birth of an internationally recognised, timeless, South African brand.

A total of 1967 1 ounce vintage 1967 vintage Krugerrands were minted.






50 oz Proof Krugerrand



5 oz Proof Krugerrand


Prestige 6 Coin Set



3 Coin Vintage Set



Vintage 1 oz  (Gold)



Vintage 1 oz Platinum



2017 1 oz Mintmark




The 2017 Prestige Krugerrand 6 Coin vintage set consists of the 1 ounce Krugerrand which features the 50th Anniversary mintmark, as well as the half ounce, the quarter ounce and the tenth ounce Krugerrand's, which all feature the 50th anniversary mintmark. The Krugerrand has also been minted in twentieth of an ounce as well as a hundredth of an ounce for the first time ever and these coins which all portray the 50th anniversary mintmark are included in the 6 coin prestige set

The 2017 50th anniversary Krugerrand Vintage 3 coin set consists of a 1 ounce 1967 Krugerrand re strike which portrays the 50 year anniversary mintmark on the reverse of the coin, as well as a 1 ounce Krugerrand dated 2017 and struck using reproduced dies from the original 1967 Krugerrand, which also portrays the 50 year mintmark. The third coin in this historic set is a 1 ounce Krugerrand dated 2016 on which you can visualise the slight difference between the Krugerrand minted in 1967 and modern day Krugerrand's.


For the first time ever a Krugerrand has been minted in another metal other than gold. The South African Mint have for the first time minted Krugerrand's in platinum and silver. As with the gold Krugerrand the 50th anniversary mintmark appears on the platinum and silver Krugerrand. A total of 2017 x 1 ounce Platinum Krugerrand's and 1m silver Krugerrand's have been made available to collectors

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